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Clarity 8/26 6:25AM

The Yellowstone looks good to go today. We did have some rain in Livingston last night but it doesn’t not appear to have rained in the Park looking at the CFS graphs. The tiger stripes of mud should be down low now, so unless you are floating in the Big Timber area or beyond you should be OK. The chubby bite has been solid. Hoppers have been working well in the afternoon with fish looking up, even in the murkier waters the past couple days. Try a mix of old school hoppers as well as foam and be sure to watch your hopper like a hawk as we have seen a lot of false strikes. If you can leave your hopper in there, or twitch it at just the right moment there is a good chance you can turn a false strike into a true eat. Enjoy the weekend, give us a call for the latest report or to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130

Clarity at Pine Creek 8/26 at 7:10AM

Guy Thomas looking at the man in the “mirror” … Photo: Holden Russell

CFS graph on the Lamar from 8/26

CFS graph at Carter’s from 8/26