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Clarity yesterday (7/3 around noon) about a foot of visibility...

The Yellowstone has had a slow awakening but the fish are starting to eat the dry a little better, especially below clear confluences.  Strangely enough, many of the dry fly bites have been on smaller caddis or yellow sallies, with the occasional rise to a big salmonfly dry.  The streamer fishing has been solid, as has deep nymphing a bugger or rubber legs with a good amount of weight to bring it down.  Although flows have dropped to 10,400 CFS in town the current is still moving pretty fast so it is important to get your flies down deep.  The tough part is that it is still difficult to see snags and rocks so the chance of loosing some flies is likely.  Load up with a full clip and keep after it!  Give us a call to book a trip: 1-406-222-7130.

"Todd the Bodd" with a choice Valley brown... Photo: Morgan Barber

You’ll find Salmonflies all the way up to Gardiner now, with plenty of big bugs still staging up between Carbella and Emigrant.  There are several small clear creeks running into the river and all these spots have been good dry fly fishing.  The rest of the time try throwing a big streamer or rubber leg and go for a hog!

Chuck and John get one on the dry... Photo: Big Steve
Locked again! Photo: Ben McCracken
Silje Haugen enjoying a happy 4th of July... Photo: JB