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Dai-Riki GTS
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Our tested diameters for Dai-Riki GTS came out very close to their advertised diameters.  Only in 2X was it over size.  In 4X it was actually under the industry standard and in 6X it was only a tiny bit larger.  While straight pull break strengths were not as strong as some, when taking diameter into consideration, GTS is right on par with most good nylons.  Back in 1986 when George first conducted a tippet shootout, Dai-Riki was one of the strongest materials available.

Since Dai-Riki spools don’t clip together, plan on using some kind of tippet leash, (or simply have them loose in a designated boat bag pocket).  Also it works better to pull the material off the spool slowly to avoid the plastic tippet tender from hopping up and down.  Dai-Riki is great stuff at rock bottom prices.