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Clarity at Carter’s bridge 6/18 6:35AM

Free fishing for all today (6/18) for Father’s day. CFS is currently 11,500 and dropping. Today is the first day the river looked more olive than brown. People have been floating already, usually we recommend waiting until 10,000 CFS which will easily happen this week. No signs of salmonflies yet but look for them mid-valley (think Loch Leven and up). It looks like the Yellowstone is shaping up nicely for excellent salmonfly hatch conditions starting late June through early July. In the meantime, PMD’s have showed up on the Paradise valley spring creeks and damsels are going strong on the lakes and ponds. Yellowstone National Park has been best near the west side (Firehole, Gibbon, Madison) but as rivers drop that will change and the North East section of the Park will be the place to be. Give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Clarity at Carter’s Bridge 6/18 6:34AM, still under a foot.

Clarity at Carter’s 6/18 6:35AM