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Guy Thomas and Will Thomas with a nice Yellowstone brown. Photo: Austin Plaster

We are excited to fish again now that the browns are finally post-spawn, (for the most part). Aside from some brutal wind conditions, the weather has been pretty good recently, with day time highs in the 40’s. That said, there has been ice on the river here and there, mostly in the form of slush ice but also some shelf ice to watch out for. Afternoons are definitely the best time to try fishing. Wade fishing is going to be your best option right now due to the shorter window of when the fish are actively feeding, (and that Livingston wind). The Paradise Valley Spring Creeks are a better option right now, with warmer, 52 degree water consistently coming out of the aquifers. Calmer days will bring good midge dry fly fishing. On windy days try nymphing sow bugs, scuds, midge larvra or fishing a small spring creek leech. Winter rates are $40 a person.

Heavy Duty Beauty! Loren Peschka with a nice brown… Photo: Chris Coyne
Chris Coyne releasing a wide back brown. Photo: Lauren Peschka
Give us a call for a wind / ice report: 406-222-7130