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The weather outside is frightful, but Spring Creeks could be delightful. If you are itching to get out and there is day without 20-40+ mph wind it would be worth it to check out the Spring Creeks. With $40 rod fees and few fellow anglers this time of year, it could be your chance to fish the famed creeks.

If you find yourself on one of the creeks, be sure to stock up on midge larva and 6-6.5x tippet. Bring along a few midge dries just incase you see some rises, which wouldn’t be unlikely if the wind dies down. If you want to nymph you can jump up to 5x.

Some browns will continue to use the spring creeks through the winter to spawn. Watch where you step to avoid destroying the redds. Be courteous to spawning fish, let them rest and avoid fishing to them or disturbing them.

The Yellowstone is pretty variable right now, ice and slush are making things tricky. If you feel like braving the elements and hitting the ‘Stone, it would be best to give us a call first (406-222-7130) and we will give you a current report.

Despite the nasty weather, we sure have had some nice sunrises and sunsets!

Happy Holidays!