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Lars Losse holding the honors for angler Jackson Bruff. Photo and oars: Holden Russell

The Yellowstone has been a little tough this past week, especially the morning bite. The afternoons have been fishing well however, with fish looking up for hoppers. Smaller dry droppers have been working as well, such as ants, beetles, and a variety of smaller parachute dries. Water temps have been staying below 70 degrees in the Valley and through town, but have been pushing above 70 down low, which means try to keep them wet or just take one quick photo before getting them back in the water quickly. There are a lot more 20-22 inch fish this year and it would be great to turn them into 23-24 inch fish in a couple years with proper catch and release techniques! Give us a call to book a trip. 1-406-222-7130.

Miles Titland with a pretty brown. Photo: Tom Titland
Gotta love the hopper bite on the Yellowstone! Photo: Miles Titland
Anderson Glover and Guy Thomas with a nice brown. Photo: Daniel Edwards
Patrick Gilbert with a stunner… Photo: John Bond
Lee Johnston with a pretty one. Photo: John Bond
Greg and John having some fun in the valley…