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Andrew Babcock with an impressive 23" hopper eating rainbow! Photo: Randy Ferris

We’ve seen some great dry fly fishing this fall, and the big ones have been eating… HOPPERS!  We haven’t seen many in the water, and last weeks cold could have wiped out the remaining hoppers, but the fish don’t seem to care as they are still looking for them and eating them.  “Rainbow chop” that is relatively fast and often only a foot or two deep has been the type of water we’ve been finding excellent dry fly fishing.  Foam lines and foam eddies have also been productive for dries.  Streamers have been working better and better but no doubt the best is yet to come… Beadheads nymphs, especially brighter patterns have a tendency to catch more white fish, so you might try fishing smaller beadheads or dulling down the colors your nymphs.  This late in the season showing the fish something a little different than normal can work well.

Master Jedwards cashes in on his royal afterwork float with gillie "Tweeds" & Duke Warren. Photo: Austin Trayser

The weather forecast is calling for 30% chance of rain for Thursday and Friday but then back to sunny days over the weekend and continuing through next week.  If you got rained out this August and didn’t get in your proper hopper time it looks like your second chance is here… call now to book a trip! 406-222-7130.

Ralph Ripley's with a beautiful cut-bow... Photo: Bob Bergquist