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Christian Hecht putting the heat on 'em! Photo: Hank Bechard
Jim Hecht with a solid afternoon brown. Photo: Hank Bechard

Fishing on the Stone remains technical but as long as you are getting long drifts and fishing the right spots the fish are eating hoppers, chubbies, rubberlegs, small beadheads, attractors, and streamers.  The guys catching most of the fish are spending less time casting and more time keeping their in the water.  If you are fishing a hopper / dry dropper, try to get 20-40 foot long drift, while still keeping the line tight enough to strike once the fish eats.  If you are fishing a nymph rig, concentrate on mending and getting your flies to cruise a few inches off the bottom for as long as possible, (this is where having a guide is key).  The river is definitely low right now (1800 CFS).  The good news is that it’s easier to predict where fish will be holding, feeding, and running.  Water temps for this week have been under 68° for the most part, (with the last three days going slightly over in the afternoon).  We’ve been experiencing colder nights however, getting water temps down to around 61-62° in the morning.  It’s been a little smoky in the Valley with the Emigrant fire and 8 mile fires, but nothing bad enough to keep people off the water.  Get out there and have some fun!