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Mother's day caddis on the bank at Warm Springs on the Lower Madison

The Mother’s Day Caddis are out in full effect on both the Yellowstone and the Lower Madison.  The clarity on the Yellowstone today is great (3 feet of vis), but we all know that will be changing quickly as this week’s higher temps start melting the snowpack.  We’re expecting the Stone to hold out a day or two, it looks like Corwin Springs has already started to spike, as has the Lamar.   As soon as the Yellowstone blows out we’ll be fishing the Lower Madison.  Give us a call to book a trip while the caddis phenomenon is still on.  406-222-7130.

Caddis on the Lower Madison are thick from Warm Springs to Black's Ford
Clarity in town today (5/2) - good to go!
Yellowstone Caddis from the Valley yesterday (5/1) Photo: MT Jed
More caddis from the Valley... Photo: Josh Edwards
John Bond - the "Caddy Daddy" ... Photo: Silje Haugen