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Clarity in town 8/16 (7:30AM)The

The Yellowstone has a heavy (and lengthy) mud plug in it right now, from Gardiner all the way past Big Timber. Looks like today is a no go. We are hoping that the river will start to clear up high by Wednesday evening / Thursday but there is still some mud in Yellowstone Park to come. For now other good options include the Madison (8-mile to Ennis and the Lower Madison are still on Hootowl), the Spring Creeks, and private lakes. Give us a call for the latest report. 1-406-222-7130.

Flood with another gator mouth… Photo: Hank Bechard
Kelsey Kubelick with a nice Armstrong’s rainbow! Photo: Dan Kubelick
Oliver Straightnissen and Will Dillon with a nice Burn’s Lake rainbow. Photo: Forrest Straight
Kelsey Kubelick enjoying a river day with Francis. Photo: Dan Kubelick
Torbin Straightnissen with a chrome Story Lake bow. Photo: Scott Weisbeck