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Rage on! Ron Miller takes a break from the oars... Photo: Eric Paulson
Matt Carara on Stone again... Photo: Tim Drummond

The Yellowstone currently has a rather large mud plug from Gardiner to Livingston right now.  Sounds like yesterday’s hard morning rain created a mud slide on the Gardner River.  We’ve also heard that the Larmar got a little muddy as well, despite the fact that their CFS flows didn’t spike very much.  Check out the upper river web cam (located a few miles above Yankee Jim Canyon) the next couple days for clarity.  It sounds like the river is clearing in Gardiner now, so unless we get more rain tonight the river should be good to go up high tomorrow.   If you are floating today, the lower river is your best bet.  As per usual, larger nymphs and streamers are working well down low, (at least until we see more hoppers around).  Sounds like all colors are working  and anglers are still doing well peeling fish off the bank…