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MFC's new "Crabby Patty" in Molted Tan and Olive use photos of actual crabs from Florida and Belize.
Charlie Craven's "Dirty Hippie" was one of several new streamer patterns that looked enticing.

This time of year fly shops around the country are working on their 2013 pre-season fly orders… compiling inventory figures, crunching order histories, and trying to project which patterns will be hot (or not) next year.  The fun part is getting to see next year’s new flies.  A few “standouts” we’ve seen so far include Eric Paulson’s Hot Head Ray (Umpqua), Doug Mcknight’s ER Crab (Umpqua), John Barr’s “jigged” Slump Buster (Umpqua), Charlie Craven’s Dirty Hippy (Umpqua), Dave Student’s Tube Steak (Umpqua), Ken Morrish’s Roach (Idylwilde), Yeager’s Point Guard Hopper (Idylwilde), Jeff Strohm’s Purple Haze Cripples (Jeff Strohm), Bern Sundell’s Bad Boy streamer (MFC), April Vokey’s Gluttonous Leech and Sugar Pop (MFC), Bruce Berry’s Fish Mover Improved (MFC), Walker’s Swimming Crab (MFC), MFC’s Crabby Patty and Munchy Flats Crab (MFC), Justin Rea’s Bonefish Klouser (MFC), AJ’s Prom Dress (MFC),  and Trevor’s Sculpin (Solitude).  It’s always a guessing game as too which flies will be the hottest, but these patterns certainly have a good start, many of which have already been in the water for years…