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Cha-ching, on the swing!
It's prime time...

The Yellowstone has been fishing very well lately, especially if you like to throw streamers.  The big boys are about as aggressive as can be right now.   As usual, the best days to target a toad are on cloudy, overcast days.  That being said, several large browns have been caught on streamers even on sunny days.  Seems like just about any color in your bugger barn has been working… the key, in all honesty is just putting your fly in the right spot at the right time.  That might take more than a couple days of hard fishing, but at least the beasts are looking.  If you’re not looking for mantelpiece, try fishing a mix of baetis adults, baetis nymphs, midge emergers, and midge larva in the foam.  Certain eddies will have primarily whitefish rising in them but others will be stacked with some solid trout.  A lot of 16-17 inch rainbows have been caught recently, all with thick sides and a whole lot of spunk in them.  A couple have even taken clients into their backing!  No need to go less than 4X tippet right now, unless you are fishing extremely slow or slick water.  Get out there and have some fun while the fishing is hot!