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Bauer RX fly reels


Beauty, Elegance, and Function


Featuring an open, contemporary aesthetic while bringing back the classic MXP teardrop design, the RX series is built on two different size drag packages. Four lighter reels handling 2 wt. through 8 wt. lines and three larger reels, with five times the drag surface area, for 8 wt. through 13 wt lines. The RX carbon fiber sealed drag delivers silky smooth performance in all conditions.

Reels feature improved seals, reduced weight and quicker line retrieval than their Rogue predecessors. The sealed carbon fiber drag, V-Arbor spool, and lightweight design make them the fly reel of choice for any angler and any destination, from trout to bonefish to GT’s.
RX reels come standard with a Jet Black frame, choose between two-spool color choices: Jet Black and Charcoal, or call us for custom options.

Recommended use:
When you want a great looking, lightweight reel with a fine drag.


Black, Charcoal, Green


Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Reel Size

RX 1 (3-5 wts.), RX 2 (4-6 wts.), RX 3 (5-7 wts.), RX 4 (6-8 wts.), RX 5 (7-9 wts.), RX 6 (9-11 wts.), RX 7 (11-13 wts.)

Backing Options

Cortland 20 lb 100 yds, Cortland 20 lb 200 yds, Cortland 30 lb 100 yds, Cortland 30 lb 200 yds, Cortland 80 lb 100 yds, Cortland 80 lb 200 yds, Hatch 68 kb 200 yds, Hatch 68 lb 100 yds, No Backing Needed