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G. Loomis NRX+ LP Fly Rod


The perfect balance between power and finesse.


G. Loomis’ new NRX+ LP is the ultimate tool for accurate and effective dry fly presentation. Tailored for supreme versatility over a wide range of casting techniques, it’s actions are sweet, smooth, and stable, with plenty of power when conditions call for an additional pinch of “umph”.

George’s notes: “All of us were excited to see the new G. Loomis NRX+ trout rods; especially since their outstanding predecessor the NRX LP won “top spot” in our last three consecutive 5-weight Shootouts. Well, we’re pleased to tell you that Steve Rajeff, the G. Loomis head rod designer and famed tournament caster, worked his magic yet again! The new NRX+ rods are the smoothest and best-dampened rods we’ve ever cast. They’re also lighter than the old NRX rods, which is always a bonus. The new NRX+ finished 1st in our power rod category, and its lighter-action brother – the NRX+ LP – took 2nd place in the presentation rod category.

Improvements over the old NRX are the result of advancements in both materials and the production process. The new NRX + rods use what Loomis calls Dynamic Recovery Technology. This is a blend of three different things: Mega Modulus+ Graphite, GL8 Resin, and a new Multi-Taper Design.

To achieve boosted performance and feel over the old NRX series, Steve utilized new Mega Modulus+ graphite. As Steve explained it to me, the new graphite fiber is slightly higher in modulus but has a much higher strain rating. This makes the blank much stronger under “lifting load” with less overall material. Loomis has built some of the toughest rods we’ve ever fished and it takes a lot to break one. Knowing the new NRX+ is even tougher than the old one is very good news.

GL8 resin is “self-propagating”, meaning the resin creates its own nano-particles. The particles are distributed evenly and uniformly, unlike older resins where the particles were mixed in. Since the GL8 resin is more uniform, it penetrates the fibers more effectively so you don’t have to use as much. This creates a noticeably lighter blank. Looking back at past specs from the NRX LP, the new NRX+ LP is slightly lighter in overall weight but substantially lighter in swing weight.

On the new NRX+ LP, Steve applied what G. Loomis calls Multi-Taper Design, a manufacturing process that removes material from areas where a rod is least likely to break, and adds material to prevent breakage where it’s most likely to happen. When used in the top half of the rod, this creates a thin diameter tip section with excellent swing weight, but more importantly helps the rod to recover and dampen quickly. When casting this rod, the improvement in recovery and dampening was dramatic! There are no other rods in our Shootout that are as smooth, dampen as quickly, or track as well as the NRX+ rods.

All these changes result in rods that anglers are going to love.


Pairs well with: Galvan Torque, Galvan Rush, Ross Evolution LTX, Ross Evolution R, Nautilus X-Series

Rod Length & Weight

8'3'' #3, 8'6" #4, 9' #5, 9' #6