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Shimakazi Dry Shake


Shimakazi Dry Shake


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Works great with larger dries!

Quick and easy to use, your fly will be back on the water in two shakes. Simply open the large diameter top and put your fly in, (leaving the tippet attached). We recommend that you not close the lid tight, however, as it may put a kink in your tippet. A few quick shakes and your fly is doused, dry, and ready for action!

A true favorite for guides floating larger freestone rivers like the Yellowstone, Madison, or Big Hole. For your first time around, we suggest you buy the Dry shake first because it has a larger opening to get your flies into for shaking. Once you are almost empty, you’ll notice what’s left is larger, more granular balls, similar to the size of kosher salt.

We suggest buying the Frog’s Fanny for your refiller, since it is entirely composed of a fine powder, and it mixes perfectly with the larger grains left in your dry shake, plus it is cheaper… If you really want to trick out your gear, Dry Shake is also available in Dark Gray – A nice “blue dunn” color that is perfect for Baetis, Midges, Tricos, or any other flies which are naturally darker in color. You can’t get stealthier than that!


Standard (white), Stealth (dark grey/dunn)