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Trout Foods & Flies for Livingston’s Spring Creeks by Satoshi Yamamoto


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“This book is an excellent guide to the insect life existing in the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. Satoshi covers all the insects that the trout in these creeks feed on. Also included are fly patterns imitating these insects along with time of the year when thse various insects are prevalent. This book is a sure way to improve your success on the spring creeks.” –Buzz Basini, Spring Creek Specialist Fly Shop


The most in-depth guide you will find for fishing Paradise Valley’s famous spring creeks! Written and photographed by local spring creek expert guide Satoshi Yamamoto, you won’t find a more complete instructional book for DePuy’s, Armstong’s, or Nelson’s spring creeks. Not just full of fly patterns, but also fishing techniques for the creeks.