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Yellowstone Angler’s Bare Bones Jardines de La Reina Fly Sel.

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A great start to JDL flies.

*all fly selection sales are final


If you’re headed down to fish the waters around the Jardines you’ll want to have your bases covered. This selection is a great start to get you on your way to catching all the fish that these great flats have to offer. If you’d like to add a few patterns that you’ve had luck with in the past just give us a call and we can help out with dialing this selection in to your specific needs.

Bonefish Flies – weighted
(6)Tan Squimp 2/4 , 4/6
(4)Pearl Squimp 2/6, 2/8
(2)Pearl Gotcha 2/6
(2)Borski Bonefish Slider 2/4
(2)Pearl Lead Eye Charlie 2/2

Bonefish Flies – unweighted
(4)Bonefish Special 2/4, 2/6
(4)Pearl Crazy George 2/4, 2/6

Permit/ Mutton Snapper Flies:
(3)Del Brown’s Merkin 2/2, 1/4
(2)EP Tan Palometa Crab 2/2
(2)Tan Sideswiper Swimming Crab 2/1

Tarpon Flies:
(1)EP Black and Purple 1/3-0
(2)EP Black and Purple 2/2-0
(2)EP Mullet 2/2-0
(2)Chartreuse Toad 2/2-0

Shark, Jack, Cuda Flies:
(2)Marshall Cutchin’s needlefish 2/2-0 rigged
(1)EP Flex Turbo Popper , red/white 1/4-0

With the Package we give you a 15% volume discount.
These flies are some of our favorites however we do change and substitute flies So that the patterns are always fresh. Rest assured that we don’t sell “bad flies” and that if the selection doesn’t match exactly to what’s listed it’s because we’ve found a better pattern.