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Yellowstone Angler’s Ultimate Jurassic Lake Rigging Package

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If you want the best for Jurassic Lake look no further.

*all rigging selection sales are final


For this package, we’ve pulled out all the stops. All of the little tricks we’ve found to be crucial in setting up a winning rig and keeping it fishing are found in this kit. The best of the best as far as leaders, tippet, and tackle. This is what every angler at Jurassic lake wishes they had. Just ask yourself, would you rather be the angler landing all the fish or the one asking to borrow equipment. We’ve taken the headache out of doing research and choosing the right gear.

In the package:
(1) Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon 01X
(1) Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon 0X
(1) Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon 1X
(1) Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon 2X
(1) Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon 3X
(1) Rio Salmon/ Steelhead Tapered Leader 3pk (9′ 20lb)
(1) Rio Salmon/ Steelhead Tapered Leader 3pk (9′ 16lb)
(3) Hand Tied Clear-butt Leaders (9′ – 15# TroutHunter Fluoro Tippet)
(4) YFG Indicators #3
(4) YFG Indicators #4
(2) Air Lock Indicators – 1″
(2) Air Lock Indicators – 3/4″
(1) Water Gremlin Split Shot “B”
(1) Water Gremlin Split Shot “BB”
(1) Soft Tungsten Putty weight
(1) Owner #10 30lb Swivels 10 pk
(1) Owner #12 45lb Swivels 10 pk
(1) Scientific Angler’s Line Cleaning Kit

With this package you save just over 10%