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More elbow room for rainbows... Photo: Jedwards

With most of the browns busy doing there thing right now we’ve been catching a lot more rainbows in the main riffles, runs, and foam eddies.  While the average size of fish hasn’t been huge, they are almost all healthy with thick sides and plenty of fight in them.  With very little angling pressure on the Stone we’ve been able to get away with 3X tippet for nymphs and larger size 14-16 parachutes and 4X for midge dries and droppers.  The river is really clear right now, so if you decide to fish streamers there’s no need to go too bright or flashy.  Drab olive or black streamer patterns have been working best for us.  Seems like the rainbows want to eat a size 6 or 8 streamer over a larger size 2 or articulated pattern.