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Clarity 7/11 (6:45AM)

We have been fishing the Yellowstone for about a week now. Despite clarity issues, the Yellowstone has been producing some trout and quite a few whitefish. On average each boat has been catching 0-5 trout and 5-10 whitefish a day. No lunkers have been landed yet, but lots of solid rainbows and cutthroat. There have been a lot of insects hatching, which has been nice to see. Salmonflies are thick from Emigrant up to Gardiner. Green drakes, PMD’s, Goldenstones, Sallies, and caddis have been out as well. Carbella boat ramp is still officially CLOSED, (although people have been illegally launching there anyway). BLM plans to have a cat in there this week to clear the boat ramp of sand. Call your local shuttle driver to get a feel for what floats are possible right now.

Heather and Guy Thomas with a big Madison brown. Photo: Will Thomas

Xander Kipp with a solid brown. Photo: Holden Russell

Katie Easterling and Holden with a beefy Madison brown. Photo: Lars Losse
Thumbs up from Hunter Kipp! Photo: Camdin Kipp
Holden and Rick Kipp, locked on the Maddy…
Ember Erickson with a native of the Stone! Photo: Holden Russell
Benglas to the Superbowl?? Nick Warn says yes to nice browns and a Cincinnati championship! Photo: Russell Schmidt