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Bruce Gottlieb with one of several nice browns... Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone is still flowing and fishing well.  At 2680 CFS, the Stone is still a couple hundred CFS above the 93 year average with temps ranging from 59-67 degrees daily.  There are plenty of hoppers around and fish are eating them however we are starting to see some of the smarter fish nudging the hopper so be sure you don’t strike to early. A perfectly timed twitch has been the key to fooling these bigger fish on the hopper, or fishing a small nymph or dry behind the hopper.  Ants and beetles have been working well, as have a variety of parachute patterns like the Purple Haze, Parachute Adams, and Hecuba drakes.  There have been some caddis in the evenings as well if you are getting out afterwork or float later in the day…

Paulson with a chunky rainbow... Photo: Bruce Gottlieb