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Mike Bradley and Paul Bloch with a nice Missouri River Brown! Photo: Greg Cope

Now that the Yellowstone is rising and heading into spring run-off we’ve been fishing on the Spring Creeks, local and private lakes, the Lower Madison, the Bighorn and the Missouri.   Of all these options the spring creeks are the closest, and with this week’s cloudy/drizzly weather there have been plenty of baetis coming off.   Rates are $80.00 per rod until June 14th.  Rates have increased slightly this year, during primetime (June 15th – September 14th) rates will go up to $120 per rod.   Give us a call and we’d be happy to take care of any rod reservations.  406-222-7130.

Mark Slaughter, slaughtering them the Bighorn! Photo: Bob Bergquist

If you are willing so spend a little time behind the wheel a drive to the Bighorn or Missouri is well worth it.  If you are looking for numbers the Horn is hard to beat.  Midges and Baetis are going to be your main staples on the Horn right now.  Swing by the shop on your way over and we can help you pick out some of René Harrop’s best patterns.  If you decide to go to the MO, bring your caddis box!  Two of our favorite caddis patterns for the Missouri are the Hemingway Caddis and the Henryville Special.  Don’t rule baetis out either, especially on the cloudy days.

"Down-town" Logan Brown with a nice laker... Photo: Janel Brown

Local and Private lakes have really started to heat up lately, especially for dry fly action.  Callibaetis have been coming off, as well as chironomids.  One trip even came back with a report of bumble-bee spinners!  This is also the time of year that fish will fall for larger leach patterns.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a day on one of the private lakes we fish.  Some of these properties require a guide to accompany you and others do not.  406-222-7130.