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Doug Mcknight with a big Yellowstone hen from last week... Photo: Marcus McGuire
Marcus McGuire "researching" which streamers work best...

The Yellowstone is still muddy (zero vis and currently 12,700 CFS at Carter’s Bridge).   The Lamar is still running high as well (currently 3,860 CFS Near the Tower Ranger station) which means we are likely looking at around 2 weeks before the Yellowstone starts to fish again.  When it does our word of advice is to be ready!  During the end of May and early June, when the Yellowstone was relatively clear several really big fish were caught.  Several 20 – 23 inch fish were caught each day, a couple even tapping out the higher 20’s.   We even heard of a 30 brown that was caught on gear.  Add an epic Salmonfly hatch on top of that in late June and we should have some fantastic fishing!  For now, the salmonfly chase is on the Big Hole and the Madison (as well as some unmentionable places).  Get out there and have some fun and hopefully catch a big fish on a dry fly!