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Johnny Noreika on a streak! "The browns were attacking yellow and tan with reckless abandon!!" Photo: Ed Tompkins
Ed Tompkins swinging up some nice browns on his spey rod... Photo: Johnny Noreika

Given the right conditions, the Yellowstone has continued to fish well.  Streamer fishing has by far been the most popular technique lately especially if you are after “the one.”  Just about any color you can come up with seems to be working.  The  key seems to be sticking with it and fishing hard all day.  Throwing streamers from 9 to 5 isn’t easy, which is why you may want to consider throwing a lighter rod like Hardy’s new one piece 8 weights, a G. Loomis NRX,  a Sage ONE or a TFO BVK. All of these rods have plenty of power in the butt to launch big flies (even two flies) while remaining light enough in the tip to reduce fatigue.  You might also consider throwing a switch or spey rod to make all- day casting easier.  You’ll want to throw your streamers on a skagit line which will enable you to throw larger bugs and also allow you to punch longer casts into the wind.  Several companies are making nice inexpensive switch and spey rods, including Echo, Beulah, and TFO.  Give us a call or stop by the shop if you are interested in learning more.  Also check out Johnny’s article, Trout Spey 103 in the Fall issue of Montana Fly Fishing Magazine