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The willows are still dripping with salmonflies up high on the Stone...
Pat Gilligan with a nice native! Photo: Hank Bechard

If you’ve ever wanted to catch the fabled salmonfly hatch on the Yellowstone now is your chance!  While other Montana rivers are more famous for this hatch, you’ll be hard pressed to find a thicker salmonfly hatch anywhere on the planet.  The problem with most years is that the water level is too high and dirty during the time the hatch is on – this year all the stars are in alignment and consequently, the fishing has been incredible!  It could 10 years before we have fishing this good on the Yellowstone again – if ever there was a time to talk your significant other into letting you go fishing or booking a trip – this is it!  The float fishing on the Yellowstone should remain hot until about 7/10 – after the bugs will move up stream and you’ll have to hike into the Park to fish the big bugs.  If you are not interested in all this salmonfly fever, the Yellowstone has been dropping daily and the runs from Pine through town are now fully defined and ready for nymphs and streamers.  Down low still has drop a little before we really start to catch the big ones – probably around 7/15 you’ll start to see a lot more success below 89.  If you decide to pull out at 89, be sure to go to the left of the bridge piling – otherwise you could be piling into it!