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Slush ice has been changing day to day, give us a call for the latest report.

Winter fishing on the Yellowstone has been slow this year, mostly due to cold temps, lots of wind, and slush ice.  The slush part of the equation is looking better but is constantly changing and might be back with snow coming in the forecast this Friday.  Unfortunately the wind part the equation has not been good lately.  Today the wind is ripping a steady 31 to 34 with gusts up to 49 mph.  As always feel free to give us a call for a current report.  We still do not recommend float fishing right now as it is dangerous and frankly not worth your effort.

Paradise Valley (1/17) Photo: Francis Clougherty
Looks like snow on the way this Friday and Saturday...

If you are really itching to get out there and fish, the Spring Creeks are going to be your best option right now.  The water temperature is warmer and the fish are more active than the river fish this time of year.  DePuy’s is popular destination in the winter season because of their warming huts on the property.  You can always jump in your car and warm your hands up at bit when fishing Armstrong’s and Nelson’s as well.  Winter rates are still $40 a rod until 4/14.

A surprisingly calm day today! (1/17) Photo: Davey Britt
Brett Edwards with a DePuy's brown. Photo: JG