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Ice and slush on the river (Saturday 11/12)

Fishing near Livingston this week is going to be very difficult, unless you opt for fishing one of the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. The browns are now spawning so we ask that you be careful not to step on any redds (spawning beds) and avoid fishing to actively spawning fish. The next generation of brown trout thanks you! Midge dries, midge larva, scuds, and sowbugs, are all working well. With air temps in the 30’s this weekend next week be sure to dress appropriately. Expect your guides to ice up and be careful of any exposed skin areas, especially once you add in the windchill. Give us a call for the latest wind report or if you would like to talk about fishing gear. 1-406-222-7130.

Depuy Spring Creek (Saturday 11/12)
Below DePuy Spring Creek (Saturday 11/12)

Town, (Monday 11/7)