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Chance Larson (9 yrs old) with a big Valley brown! Photo: Paul Bloch
Ack Willets and Bob Bergquist getting after it in the Valley... Photo: Greg Chapman

Colder night temperatures the past few nights have given the upper Yellowstone a bit of a chance to clear up from not really worth the drive to worth giving it a try.  The visibility between Gardiner and Carter’s bridge has been barber poled, with stripes of green water up to 3 feet of visibility, back down to an olive colored foot to a foot and a half of visibility.  Town down has been less consistent, with Billman Creek kicking in brown sediment.  The Shield’s while dropping has been contributing enough mud to make it brown and less than a foot of visibility.  Your best bet by far is the Valley.  Streamers and bigger nymphs like rubber legs are the way to go.  Both bank pounding with streamers and dead drifting deep have been working well.  So far been quite a bit of work to get 1-5 fish to the boat, but the chance of hooking a big one before runoff is always there.  Conditions are changing daily, when in doubt give us a call for a clarity report or consult your favorite shuttle company… 406-222-7130.