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Nautilus Fly Reels now in stock!  These reels offer anglers the ultimate in performance and value, whether chasing Montana trout or Florida tarpon.  The FWX is one of the lightest trout reels on the market, has a bomb proof drag and starts at $230!  Available for 3 weight – 8 weight rods. The NV line of reels offers anglers the lightest big game reel on the market and the biggest large arbor spool available to angler’s on the market today. Perhaps the slickest bonefish reel on the market today is the NV 10-11 with the G-8 spool.   It is very light for its size, and at 7.9 oz is about 1 oz. lighter than a Tibor Everglades.  The G-8 spool has a very wide, large arbor spool that will hold a WF-8-F with 200 yd. of 30 lb. backing and gives an angler the ability to retrieve line extremely quickly.  The NV’s are available to suit line weights 5 – 12, with two models designed specifically for spey afficianodos.

Nautilus Reels

Trouthunter Leaders & Tippet–  After completing our 2012 tippet shootout, we realized that TroutHunter tippet, especially the fluorocarbon, provides some of the strongest break strength and knot strength of all the materials we tested.  It seems to rival Seaguar GrandMAX, which we have pushed as the best Fluorocarbon tippet we’ve found,  but TroutHunter offers the finest spools we’ve seen yet!   Each spool clips together effortlessly and comes with a UV/Waterproof band, which allows the material to pull from the spool very easily, yet keeps your tippet from unraveling from the spool during fishing.  In addition, the tippet spools come in a waterproof and uv resistant plastic package.   The price is a little higher than GrandMAX, but with 50 meters on each spool, you are getting more than twice as much material. Try some and we think you’ll be as impressed as we were!

Trouthunter Tippet And Leaders

Williams Nets – These beautiful and most importantly durable landing nets are made right here in Montana!  Steve Williams uses the finest and most beautiful woods available to create a product that will last a lifetime.  These hand crafted fishing nets are available in 4 models; 3 hand nets and one boat net.  Each net comes with a clear ghost net standared and are also available with “measure net” bags as well.  Pick One Up Today!
Williams Nets 


Simms Felt Boots –  After a 3 year hiatus Simms is re introducing felt boots to the market.  Felt will be available on three of their core models: the Guide Boot, Headwaters Boot and the Freestone Boot.  These new felt models are easily converted to studded boots by using Simms Hardbite Studs.
Simms Felt Boots 


Fly Duster/Fly Agra – Two of the finest products offered to treat your fly on the market today.  Fly Duster is a white powder that works in the same way as Frog Fanny, except fly duster comes in a 2 0z. bottle and has a better brush.  With Fly Duster you get 2 0z. for $7.50 instead of just 1 oz. for $5.50 with Frog’s Fanny.  Fly Agra besides having a catchy name really works.  Fly Agra is a liquid waterproofing pre treatment for your fly.  It comes in a premium Nalgene bottle that won’t come open in your gear bag or vest.  Tie on your favorite pattern, dip your fly and get to fishing.  Your fly will float better than ever before!
Buy Flyagra Now!