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Josh and Josey after work

Looks like the Yellowstone is finally done until mid to late June.  The next couple days an angler could probably throw a streamer or two until the “cottonwood hatch” arrives, (which should be momentarily).  With highs near 80 all week we are sure to see a quick and steady rise with very little chance of the Yellowstone dropping and clearing to a fishable level.  This time of year we’ll look to fish the spring creeks, public and private lakes, the lower Madison, Missouri, and Bighorn.  Also after the third Saturday in May we’ll start fishing smaller creeks which will remain open the rest of the season.  Some of these will clear more quickly than others.  Also, starting May 26th certain areas of the Park will be open to fly fishing.  The Fire Hole is one of our favorite early spots; apparently we’re not the only ones who like fishing this on the opener.  Bring a bunch of PMD’s and it’s never too early to try a beetle.  The fish won’t know what hit em’!  On the creeks you’ll still see more baetis than PMD’s until mid June.