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"Dalton" with another river hog! Photo: Marcus McGuire
Clarity on the Lamar (photo taken 7/9) by David Nostrant

Finally, after 4 days of thick mud the Yellowstone is back to that classic, “Green is Good” tint, (at least between Gardiner and Mid Valley).  Expect that same clarity of water to be below town by tomorrow.  Savvy anglers know what that means… Also good news, it looks like the Lamar is back to clear again.  With clear skies the next couple nights, and only 20% chance of rain in the park starting Friday we should be in the clear for a while.  Now that salmonflies and goldenstones have flown up into Yellowstone Park, the main hatches are evening caddis and a few yellow sallies.  Don’t be afraid to get out and fish dries early however, before all the mud showed up it seams like the morning bite was better than the afternoon, (even with dries).  Shop pick patterns right now include Lime Trudes, Tim’s Patridge CDC caddis, small chocolate Goddards, PMX, Turk’s Tarantulas, Stimulators, Paulson’s Tick, Chubby Chernobyls, Rubber Legs, Bow River Buggers, Mccune’s Sculpin, Lead Eyes, and Home Invaders…