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Mallard’s Rest, 8:30AM 3/31/23

We are finally starting to see a few spring baetis on the Yellowstone and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks.  That said, we have been still been seeing 90% midges. Lately it has been tricky to pick a day to fish that hasn’t been snowing or blowing. The Yellowstone clarity is a little off due to the lower elevation snowmelt, which should please streamer fishermen. The water temp has been cold however, so be sure not to strip too fast. 

Keep in mind many boat ramps are still unusable with a good amount of snow and ice on them still. Be sure you scout both the put-in and take-out, as well as in between. The Yellowstone is very low right now so a raft would be best if you are going to give it a try.

Clarity 3/31/23, 8:30 AM

The rainbows are starting to show up on the Spring Creeks, so be careful where you wade and avoid fishing or stepping on any redds. Midge larva have been hot sellers, as well as scuds, beatis nymphs, midge dries, and baetis dries. Rod fees on Armstrong’s and Depuy’s continue to be $40 until 4/14. Rod fees on Nelson’s spring creek are $100 from 4/1 – 6/14.