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Silje with another nice brown... Photo: JB

The Yellowstone is still hanging in there although CFS is rising.  Usually the Stone doesn’t fish well on the rise but this past week has been the exception.  Keep an eye on the charts as this week’s warm temperatures should finally bring some heavy snow melt and mud.  To our surprise the Stone was about a foot of visibility in town today and fishable with big streamers.  The Lower Madison has also been fishing well, as has the very Upper Madison.  The spring creeks have also been fishing well.  Although it is too early for PMD’s anglers have been doing well with scuds, midge larva, baetis nymphs, and PMD nymphs.  Give us a call to book a trip or enquire about the latest conditions. 406-222-7130.

It's going to be a beautiful day


Clarity at 9th St.
CFS on the rise but not blown yet and well under the 91 year average