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Marcus McGuire with a tall tanker, this fish was HOT! Photo: James Anderson
Brian steals a big boy from "Bob's box"

The past few days have been excellent streamer fishing on the Yellowstone.  No doubt, the calm wind and low hanging clouds played a big roll in it the fish bite.  Still, the fishing was spotty and we had moments where we didn’t touch a fish (or even see a flash) for miles.  It seemed to be more about the water we were fishing than the color.  If anything, olive was our most solid color.  We were fishing sinking lines, which was definitely helped get our flies down where the fish were hanging out.  Unfortunately today looks like the last little bit of our killer cloud cover.  Hopefully the weatherman is wrong, but it looks like we have sun (and wind) for this weekend.  Give us a call for a wind report…