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Close to two feet of vis and looking good...

The Shield’s River is still kicking in some mud but the valley and town have been fishing well.  Water temps are not exceptionally warm so you might consider an afternoon float or dead drifting your streamers. That will also give the caddis a chance to get going.  Last night Logan caught a couple fish on caddis dries, fishing the foam eddies.  The visibility hasn’t been more than a couple feet but the fish seem like they are paying attention and the streamer bite has pretty good.  Haha… maybe they know some serious mud is soon to come!

Green and good to go... visibility 5/12

We’re all a little surprised to see the Stone come back into shape, but the colder weather last week and this week has been holding off the melt.  This week look like temps in the 50’s but also some rain.  Keep an eye on the graph at Corwin Springs the next few days and also the Upper Yellowstone Web Cam for mud as it is sure to show up soon.  For now green means go!

On the drop at Carter's... 5/12