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Scott Meridian 9'#6

Scott Meridian 9'#6

George’s Comments:

In picking the best 6-weight rods, it was hard to overlook the Scott Meridian, especially when this rod won our latest 8-weight Shootout.  The Radian is perhaps better suited to trout fishing for most people, but this new Meridian is lighter, and more powerful at long range.  It is also perfectly suited to fishing the salt, with its larger guides, solid aluminum uplock seat, and a large extension butt that helps a lot in playing bigger fish.  

When I pick up the Meridian, I notice its very light swing weight. Even with the extension butt it is noticeably lighter than the Radian. It is also seems a bit more powerful at long range. Only in close did it not perform quite as well as the best rods. 

The craftsmanship of these Scott rods is as good as it gets.  This is a good looking rod too, finished in the Scott traditional gray unsanded but finished blank, with complementary gray wraps trimmed beautifully with two shades of blue.  The handle is a full wells similar to the Radian, with the swell more towards the top of the grip, forcing you to grip the rod with your hand higher on the grip.  It feels great to me.  This also makes for a better power grip than the western style grips for throwing long.  The reel seat is a full-anodized aluminum double uplock seat with no insert, which is far better for fishing the salt.  The two large locking rings are very positive and easy to tighten.  A large extension butt caps it all off.   The Meridian uses two large SiC strippers and my favorite nickel/titanium flexible snake guides.  There is no hook keeper as you’ll find on the Radian. 

George’s casting notes:   The perfect line-  S.A. MPX in WF-6-F

Performance at 30 feet:  18.5 points out of 20

I felt the Radian and Sky were much better, with more accuracy and feel.

Performance at 50 feet:   19 points out of 20

I like the light swing weight and it tracked very well, but the Sky and Cross SX were noticeably better.

Performance at 75 feet:   19.5 points out of 20

This rod is a lot better at longer range and feels very solid with tons

of power on tap.   

Scott Meridian 9'#6

James’ Comments:

The Meridian felt especially light in my hand.  Part of this is due to its light swing weight, but also part of this perception comes from how stiff it is. Either way, if feels good in your hand, and for having so much usable power this rod is anything but a club. 

If you are considering light saltwater use, this is your best option.  To begin with the Meridian comes with a far different guide set up than any other 6-weight in the shootout.  The half wells grip, the saltwater stripping guides, the large oversized (yet still thin and light) snake guides and oversized tip top all make this rod a winner in the salt.  Any line tangles you might get will get through the Meridian better than any other rod we tested.  Its stiff backbone (see the deflection board) nearly resembles a 7 weight, but with a softer tip. 

The only distance this rod didn’t feel very good at was at 30 feet.   I tried a 7-weight line on it just to see if that improved things (and it did at 30 feet), but it made the rod feel unnecessarily heavy at 50-75 feet and beyond. 

Think of this rod as race stock downhill or super G ski.  The Meridian is a real man’s 6-weight.  Light, stiff, and powerful, for those strong enough to power through with a strong double haul, this rod will be a serious weapon.  I would consider it the best saltwater 6-weight in the world.  For those who enjoy a more relaxing cast, and will primarily be fishing freshwater, the Radian will likely be the better choice. 

Performance at 30 feet:  18 points out of 20

Light swing weight, however this rod has very little feel in close.  No doubt its vague nature is due to its stiffer blank – almost a 7-weight as we found on the deflection board.   

Performance at 50 feet:  19 points out of 20

Very nice loops and accuracy was on the dot.  I was able to get better feel (and tighter loops) however out of the Sky, SX, Asquith, Radian, H2, and Zephrus. 

Performance at 75 feet:  19 points out of 20

Great power, but I still have to concentrate to unlock that power.  The Sky, SX, and Asquith were effortless to cast at this distance.   I think I would match this rod with a 7 weight line or a 200 grain, which would make it an incredibly light streamer rod and great for light saltwater use.

Scott Meridian 9'#6

Logan’s Comments:

The Scott Meridian is a true saltwater rod.  If you are looking for a light six weight for the salt, this is your rod.  The Meridian is stunning to look at.  The un-sanded graphite blank is one of my favorite things about the Scott rod, a blend of traditional and modern.  The blue accented wraps are also great.  The oversized fighting butt might not be so good for freshwater and trout applications, but is perfect for saltwater.

Logan’s Casting Notes: 

Performance at 30 feet: 18 points out of 20

The Scott Meridian is the fastest action rod in the test but it still performed well at 30 feet.  I was able to accurately present my casts to the plate every time.  This rod was designed for the salt so I’m not overly concerned with its in close performance.

Performance at 50 feet: 19 points out of 20

The Scott Meridian’s sweet spot is at 50 feet.  Pick it up and lay it down accurately every time.  This is exactly what you would want in a saltwater six weight.

Performance at 75 feet: 19 points out of 20

This is another rod that was able to get to 75 feet with ease.  I was able to hit the plate every once in a while which is impressive.

Scott Meridian rod

JG’s Comments:

A very light good-looking rod that Scott produced for the saltwater market, the Meridian 6 would make a great light salt or streamer rod. 

30 Feet:   17 points out of 20

The Meridian sports a really fast action that, at 30ft, is really overkill.  The rod gives you no sensation and there isn’t enough mass past the rod tip to load the rod well.  The casts at this distance were on their mark but you’re basically just slapping the line onto the water not making much of an actual cast. 

50 Feet:  20 points out of 20

At our 50ft target the Meridian did great.  With a little more line out the rod loads really well and then unleashes the cast like John Force at a green light.  Line speed is really high and the cast finds its mark quickly despite wind or other interfering factors. Chalk that up to a speedy tight loop, and great tracking. 

75 Feet:   20 points out of 20

At 75 ft the story is largely the same as it is at 50.  The Meridian tracks true and gives great accuracy at distance and has a ton of power making it surprisingly easy to hit the long shots.

Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian
Scott Meridian