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Douglas Sky G Fly Rod

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The new Douglas Sky G Fly Rod.  Winner of our 2020 and 2024 5-Weight Shootout.  

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If you are looking for that perfect rod, than take a good look at the New Douglas Sky G Fly Rod. 


When we first cast the new SKY G, we were amazed at how light and responsive the new rod was compared to the older version. The new SKY G rods are composed using G-Tec platelets. The platelets make up a small part of the resin matrix while offering substantial benefits in using less material and maintaining high integrity in linear and hoop strength, but with added impact resistance.

Features on the Sky G
  • CERECOIL stripping guides
  • REC nickel titanium one foot guides
  • Cigar shaped handle, AAAA Flor grade cork
  • 5 Weight reel seat is a burled blackwood insert 
  • 8 Weight reel seat is anodized aluminum 
  • Matte platinum colored rod blank with section alignment dots and line weights
What is G-Tec???
  • G-Tec is comprised of one of the strongest materials known to man! 10x stronger then steel with only 5% of its density.
  • The addition of G-Tec allows for less material to be used, and in-turn equates to lighter blanks, increased sensitivity and an improved swing weight.
  • Its properties in strength increase durability, dampening and recovery allowing for superior accuracy. G-Tec is also a great conductor of energy which translates to a noticeably smooth and effortless cast.

The Sky G comes packaged in a premium plush, moisture wicking rod sock and powder coated, lightweight aluminum tube.


Be sure to check out the Ultimate 5-Weight Presentation Outfit to pick up the 5-weight Sky G, Galvan Torque 5, a line of your choice. Everything comes rigged and ready to fish out of the box. 

Rod Length & Weight

9' 9wt, 8'6" #4, 9' #4, 9' #5, 9' #6, 9' #6 with fighting butt, 9' #7, 9' #8, 9' #10, 9' #11, 10' #3