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Hand Tied Hot Butt Leaders Designed by George Anderson

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The best leaders money can buy

1/1/22 – Hand-tied Hot Butt leaders are currently being tied to order.  Allow 3-5 days before shipping.  Thanks for understanding!


Our famous hand-tied compound leaders, with red fluorescent butt sections, are perfect for short line, high stick nymphing, and when you’re fishing without an indicator. Our Hot Butt leaders are tied with fluorescent red Amnesia butt sections for the ultimate in hi-vis and turnover.

Using short casts and a high stick technique or with the new Czech style nymphing techinques these Hot Butt leaders are deadly. By holding your rod up high, it’s easy to watch the red hot Amnesia sections of your leader throughout the drift. You’ll be able to notice strikes that were nearly impossible to see before with a clear leader and you’ll react more quickly, hooking far more fish.

If you see your leader slow down or stop quickly just set the hook! Fishing at longer distances is no problem, just use a strike indicator as you normally would. This is a great all-around leader for fishing both nymphs and drys if you like to switch back and forth. You’ll be impressed with the accurate and delicate presentations you’ll get fishing drys. Only the first 4-5 feet of this leader is fluorescent and the rest is clear.

We’ve found from experience that the fluorescent butt sections don’t spook trout. The 12-foot length is our most effective nymph fishing leader, especially if you are using some weight like split shot. If you like nymph fishing, you’ll love this leader!


12', 9'


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