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Mid Priced 10 Weight Outfit

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$1,086.90 $1,041.90

Of all the rods that we’ve had come through the door, the Orvis Recon has one of the best actions at the best price that we have found. The 10 wt is one of our favorites out of that entire series. It has as much power as any rod out there giving it the ability to really launch casts. Permit and small tarpon that are being spooky or are really laid up will be well within reach. Having a lot of power is very important for a 10 wt but many other rods out there can lay down a 90-foot cast, especially with a skilled angler casting.

The difference that sets the Recon apart is its soft tip. If you’ve ever been Tarpon fishing and had one sneak up behind you you know being able to cast at 25 feet can be every bit as important as casting 90.

The Recon really does it all and does it at a great price. We’ve matched the Orvis’ smoking value and top of the line function with the Galvan Rush. This reel does a fantastic job of holding all the line and backing you would ever need to stop anything that swims and the super smooth saltwater compatible drag assures that you do. It’s got a beautifully designed frame that is rugged and dependable. From Pros to Joes, this outfit will deliver the goods.

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Outfit Breakdown

Orvis Recon Big Game 9′ 10wt | $549.00

Galvan Rush R-10 | $395.00

Amplitude Smooth Tarpon | $99.95

250 yds. 30# Backing | $25.00

Hand Tied Permit Leader | $7.95

Rigging | $10.00

Subtotal | $1086.90

Line Discount | <$35.00>

Free Rigging | <$10.00>

Grand Total | $1041.90


Black (reel), Green (reel), Silver (reel)

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve

Line Options

S.A. Amplitude Smooth Tarpon