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Orvis Helios F

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Introducting the brand new Orvis Helios F!  New models arriving daily.

The all-new 4th generation Helios is the culmination of a seven-year quest to achieve precision beyond all previous limits of your imagination. Proven four times more accurate than Helios 3, the previous industry benchmark.


Helios™ F Fly Rod

The updated Helios F Fly Rod features advanced innovation for next-level fly-fishing finesse.

The Story

Your fly-fishing best is now 4x better with the Helios F Fly Rod, a peerless finesse rod that delivers unprecedented accuracy following years of exhaustive field testing and relentless innovation. Built to satisfy those anglers chasing perfection through precision casts and performance that withstands the harshest conditions and hottest fish, the all-new Helios™ F series rods offer increased sensitivity, elevated tippet protection, and a design for game-of-inches feeding lane presentations and in-the-moment mends. With the world’s most accurate fly rod in your hands, anything is possible.


  • Extremely accurate at all distances
  • Maximum sensitivity and tippet protection
  • Versatile applications in fresh and saltwater
  • Models for small stream, tactical nymph, and big water
  • Matte olive blank with olive thread wraps
  • Aluminum rod tube
  • Backed by 25-Year Guarantee
  • Made in USA
    A graph showing the accuracy of the new Helios Fly Rod versus competitors' fly rods.

    The Most Accurate Fly Rod in the World

    And we can prove it. With the most significant reduction in tip displacement ever measured, hit your target with laser precision.

    4X More Accurate than Helios 3 the previous industry benchmark for accuracy

    A graphic showing the Vertical and Horizontal Tip Displacement of the new Helios Fly Rod versus competitors' fly rods.

    Delivering Your Fly With Confidence—On Target, Every Time

    Strategic reinforcement in the rod blank increases hoop strength and minimizes vibration, leading to a radical reduction in tip displacement.

    A green and black illustration showing the flexibility and strength of the new Helios Fly Rod versus the Helios 3.

    Muscle & Mettle

    Increased travel distance means more lifting power when a fish runs under the boat or thrashes at the net. Fight those last moments with confidence.

    25% stronger than Helios 3

    A chart showing Helios D versus Helios F compared in terms of Accuracy, sensitivity, Line Speed, Lifting Power, Tippet Protection, and Delicacy.

    Distance & Finesse — A Quiver of Options in Two Series

    Choose D for increased line speed and lifting power and F for ultimate sensitivity and delicate presentations with tippet protection.

Rod Length & Weight

8'6" 4wt, 9' 5wt, 9' 6wt