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Ultimate 9 Weight Outfit

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Our pick for the Ultimate 9 Weight Outfit.  The G. Loomis Asquith paired with our favorite saltwater reel, the Nautilus NVG-8/9.

From: $1,822.95

G. Loomis Asquith Fly Rod

The ultimate in technology and performance.

Nautilus NV-G

*On back order. ETA 8-10 weeks (as of 8/8/21)

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish

Great for flats fishing

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam

A great line for windy conditions

Hatch 68 lb PE backing

This is the best backing that you can chose when backing capacities are limited

Hand Tied Bonefish Leaders designed by George Anderson

George Anderson Bonefish Leaders

4/6/21 - Bonefish leaders are currently being tied to order.  Allow 3-5 days before shipping.  Thanks for understanding!


Wanna land that Rainbow of a lifetime at Jurassic Lake? A World-Class Permit? How about huge Pike or Musky? Wind resistant flies, gale-force gusts, and long-distance casts are no problem for the Ultimate 9 wt setup.  We went through the heap of rods and reels offered and have chosen what we believe to be the best of them all.  George believes the Asquith #9 is the best 9-weight ever made.

The Asquith by G. Loomis is a perfect rod to tame those big fish and overcome adverse conditions. The power that the rod creates makes throwing big heavy flies easy while the lightweight makes it easy to cast all day.

We’ve paired it with either the Nautilus NV-G 8/9, the smoothest drag on the market.  No matter how strong the beast at the end of your line these reels will have the power to stop it.

*Nautilus Reels may not be combined with any discounts or free product

**If you don’t see the fly line you’re looking for on our dropdown menu give us a call at the shop to swap in a different line

G. Loomis Asquith Fly Rod

Rod Length & Weight

9' #4, 9' #5, 9' #6, 9' #7, 9' #8, 9' #9, 9' #10, 9' #11, 9' #12

Nautilus NV-G

NV-G Size

6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10, Monster, Monster 10/11

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish

Line Size

5 wt., 6 wt., 7 wt., 8 w., 9 wt.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam

Line Size

10 wt., 11 wt., 12 wt., 6 wt., 7 wt., 8 wt., 9 wt.

Hatch 68 lb PE backing


100 yds., 1000 yds., 200 yds., 300 yds., 400 yds., 500 yds.

Color Options

Black, Blue, Red, White