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Learning From The Water by Rene Harrop

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Learn tips and techniques that set Rene apart from so many other anglers.


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Rene Harrop is known for his intricately tied flies that imitate very precise insects of the greater Yellowstone region.

For years he has been tying these exacting specimens, but little has ever been written about the techniques that he employs on his home waters. In Learning from the Water we are clued in to some of the strategies this master uses to fool the large picky trout of this area. Rene writes of topics such as leader lengths, presentation angles, and specific advanced fly casts that help him to fool these wary trout.

Rene is certainly one of the foremost experts on spring creek style fishing. This book really lets the rest of the world in on the expertise that 56 years on the water has taught him. The flies he has tied are as amazing as ever with many patterns of his that I have not personally seen before.

All of the major hatches are covered here including terrestrials and midges. Pictures in this book are precise and crisp and this title is very professionally put together.

We highly recommend this book for anyone who really appreciates the fishing in the greater Yellowstone area and you will most certainly come away learning a lot from Rene.

This is a collector’s edition, signed by Rene Harrop himself.