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Nautilus NV-G


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Please be aware that due to a very high demand ship times for Nautilus reels may be substantial

Nautilus Reels manufactures some of the best looking and best performing fly fishing reels in the world. Their high end fly reels are the NV (EN-VEE) family of reels. The reels are unparalleled in weight, good looks and performance. They are completely impervious to the elements and will outperform any fighting class reel on the market. The NV-G series feature a larger version of the CCF drag system and replaces all stainless steel components with ceramics and titanium. Machined entirely out of aircraft grade Aluminum, no details have been omitted: from its low profile drag knob and counterweight to the 100 and 200 yard backing markers on the inside of the spool. These reels will impress you. The Nautilus NV-G series are some of the lightest reels in their class, and offer the great value. A reel of a lifetime for a lifetime of fish.

George Anderson:
I’ve been a Nautilus fan since their introduction about ten years ago, but until this year I’d never really fished them a lot since I’ve relied on Tibor reels for nearly all my saltwater fishing, as well as for big rainbows in Alaska. On a visit to the Nautilus factory in December I couldn’t resist having them put together one of the cool looking new orange G-8’s - their NV ten-eleven frame with a very wide Giga 8 spool. The first time I’d use it would be at Jurassic Lake on huge rainbows. I just fell in love with this reel. I'll sure miss the sweet sounds of the Tibor's drag when a big fish is hooked up and running hard, but otherwise everything else about the G-8 is magical. The Nautilus NV G-8 reel is light, and the drag is as smooth as anything in this world. I also loved the size. It is larger than most 8-weight reels and I can retrieve line at a very fast pace, which is usually not a big deal on bonefish, but on big hot rainbows that are going crazy and swapping directions quickly it sure helped. I could reach around and adjust the drag very easily and the drag adjust held its position perfectly once set. The retrieve was as smooth as silk, and the handle, with its large knob on the end, was the killer handle of the shootout. Backing capacity is perfect too, with room for up to 220 yd. of the new 68 lb. PE backing. As a bonus these Nautilus reels are available in lots of gorgeous colors for an additional $100. You can also color customize other reel parts too. Kristen Mustad took the time to take apart one of his terrific NV drag systems and now I can see why it is so smooth, with the four sets of ball bearings they use and the carbon fiber drag disc. It is a much different design than most of the other good drags found on reels today. The drag on the larger NV’s are all very powerful – really overkill. One thing you can do is to swap out the normal drag for the slightly smaller drag they have on the NV 5/6 reels. You still have plenty of drag force and it is every bit as smooth, but the whole drag is smaller and lighter and you can save a half-ounce going this route. One thing we should mention is that this reel cannot easily be converted from RH to LH. You need to have your dealer do this and normally the drag hub must be swapped out. Bottom line is that this reel works better and is more fun than any 8-weight reel I’ve ever used.  

James Anderson:
The Nautilus NV G-8 was my #1 pick as well... As the saying goes, "look good, feel good, do good." I gave it the edge over the Tibor mainly because it had a quick-change spool, but it had other attributes that were better than the Everglades as well. First it was SO smooth, both in reeling in and with big fish running. It was perhaps the perfect blend between having a reel with decent sound while also maintaining very little retrieval resistance. I would say it was the third easiest reel in the test to retrieve line quickly, (the TFO 375 being the best, followed by the Loop OPTI Speedrunner 7-8-9). The ergonomics on the handle were perfect in every way. It just seemed to fit my style of reeling perfectly, allowing me to reel in quickly, eliminating any unnecessary jerky movements that big fish hate. Perfect in arbor diameter and width, the NV10/11 G-8 spool holds plenty of backing. On top of that it was the best spool in the test for holding your backing in a way that allows it to dry quickly, Nautilus claims up to 14 times faster than traditional spools that are not ported. Take a close look at where the backing sits on a Giga spool and you'll see what they are talking about. If you're spending $30.00 per 100 yards for the new trick Hatch 68lb. PE backing, the last thing you want to do is have it get messed up. I can't emphasize enough how fun it was to fish with this reel. I felt like King of the world with this reel in my hands as a hot rainbow tailwalked away at high speed. With other reels, I might have felt worried or distressed but this reel allowed me to produce my smoothest and quickest landings, no doubt a result from its smooth, powerful drag. About the only thing missing was that sweet Tibor sound and perhaps a little more range of drag adjustment between .5 and 3 pounds.

We stock the NV in both silver and black, but can order custom colors.

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